Wednesday 25 February 2015

Celebrating Chinese New Year

How was Chinese New Year for everybody? Well, mine was pretty uneventful and tiring at the same time.

My family is huge. My dad has 9 siblings (at least those who are still alive) and we usually go from house to house for visitation during Chinese New Year. Imagine the number of places I have to visit in 4 days. Simply crazy.

The amount of walking especially when I was in high heels the entire time.  My feet and calves always end up aching by the end of the day.

I do enjoy wearing heels. I think it makes one looks so elegant and classy but it’s really painful to wear them for long hours. Thank goodness I recently got my hands on the OSIM uSqueez Air.

Aunty Lucy and Zhou Chong Qing are the ambassadors of the new OSIM uSqueez Air.

What I really like about the OSIM uSqueez Air is the fact that it massages all the way up to the calves, giving me a thorough leg massage.

I put my entire legs into the massager. It covers all the way up to my calves!

My calves get a full massage as the massager wraps around my calves to give it a kneading airbag massage. Airbag? You may ask. Well, the massager uses air to create the kneading pressure around my calves to give it a good squeeze. It feels so good!

Because it uses wrap-around soothing airbag massage, it isn’t painful as you may expect from the usual foot and calf massager. It presses gently yet with enough pressure to give you the relaxing massage after a long day.

I also get to choose the different programs with strong o           r gentle massages that I want.

I: Reflexology (Intense)
The roller is targeted at the arch of the feet, combined with wrap-around kneading massage that target various health-reflexology points.

II: Energize (Intense)
Intense wrap-around squeeze massage for the calves, ankle and toes, the rollers will help you feel refreshed.

III: High-Heels (Soothing)
A combination of intense kneading air massage on the ankles and toes, and roller reflexology relief stress and pressure.

IV: Relax (Soothing)
Soothing wrap-around kneading air massage on the calves, ankles and toes, using soft approach to relax the arch of the feet.

V: Sleep (Soothing)
Sensitively programmed, the gentle massage actions help to alleviate stress and relax your legs in preparation for a restful night’s sleep.

My favorite program has got to be III: High-Heels, followed by II: Energize.  I alternate them while I watch TV, doing my cross-stitch or scripting at my desk. I can go on forever with the massage until my work is done. Most of the time, it feels so good that I am reluctant to remove my legs from the massager. 

It can be lifted up without much effort!

The massager is also very light. I can lift it with my legs while I’m getting a massage. It’s like my own little exercise. LOL

There are no power plugs near my bed, otherwise I would gladly put the massager on my bed and get a good massage while I sleep. Sounds like royal treatment, isn’t it?

I’m not the only one who is addicted to the OSIM uSqueez Air. My mum is too!

Even Brownie wants to give the OSIM uSqueez Air a try!

She uses it all day long especially when I’m not home. The more she uses it, the more she likes it. I think she is addicted to the OSIM uSqueez Air! She tells me her favorite programs are I: Reflexology and II: Energize. She often uses it together with the OSIM uSnooz Massage Wrap while watching TV. Super enjoy life, my mum.

My mum does all the housework at home, we don’t have a maid and we live in a relatively large house. Especially during Chinese New Year, she goes crazy with all that spring cleaning. I see her climbing up and down to change the curtains and dust the furniture.  She spent so much time on her feet and that puts a lot of pressure on her feet. She tells me that her usage of the OSIM uSqueez Air increased during this period because of all that housework she has been doing. It helped her relieve stress and tension from her legs.    

I’m so glad that I got the OSIM uSqueez Air. My mum absolutely adores it and she gets to relax with a good massage after all that housework. Maybe I should get another one for my Grandma too. It’s a perfect gift for her. If you are interested to try it out or purchase one, head down to any OSIM stores and you’ll be able to find it!